Saudi Leadership: A Continual Failure

In light of recent revolts across the Arab world, one might think the Saudi ruling family would realize that their increasingly restless population is suffering from the same injustices that led Egyptians, Yemenis, Libyans, and others to rebel.  Instead, Saudi rulers have done everything they can to crush the hopes of their people and to strengthen the regime's grip on power. The Saudi people want freedom and an end to oppression.  However, they are becoming increasingly convinced that violent action might be the only avenue available for securing their basic human rights.  Given the upheavals in the region and the Saudi people's collective yearning for political reform, King Abdullah should have taken some important steps to bring change to the country.   His first step should have been to direct the Royal Allegiance Committee, which he created in 2006, to select a qualified crown prince after the deaths of Crown Prince Sultan in...(Read Full Article)