Rooting for the Investor Next Door

The rock band renters of the house next door abandoned the property two years ago.  Braving the brutal Florida heat and humidity, a middle-aged Hispanic gentleman was cutting the tall grass and trimming the neglected lawn.  He was covered in sweat.  I welcomed my new neighbor with a bottled water. Tony informed me that he and his brother purchased the house as an investment property which they hope to sell.  I thought, "Wow, good luck.  The rock band trashed the place before leaving.  It will take a lot of time, physical labor, and money to make this house marketable.  The real estate market in my small town is pretty much on life support.  My city's fees and regulatory hoops for investors are anything but user-friendly.  Still, these guys, Tony and his brother, have the guts to go for it." For months, I have witnessed Tony and his brother working on their investment property: power-washing the driveway; cutting and trimming the lawn;...(Read Full Article)