RNC and the Ghost of Cuomo's Famous Keynoter

Wow! It could have been 1992 last night at the Republican Convention. Remember when Bill Clinton kicked every pro-life Democrat in the groin and refused to permit pro-life Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey to speak? It could have been 1992. The signs were there. The lib media were still deriding Rep. Todd Akin's comments made off the cuff, which essentially meant that sometimes the shock of violence at rape can cause a woman to lose the child she is carrying or even not to become pregnant in that cycle. (By the way, if you were one of the two dozen people watching ultra-hip-lib, Rachel Maddow-clone Chris Hayes on MSNBC this weekend, how did Hayes phrase it, 15% of rapes are "forcible" and the rest are, what, by invitation only?) So, the stars were aligning for 1992, Republican style. Rockefeller Republicans were distancing themselves from their own solid pro-life platform by talking about rape and incest exceptions, as if some embryonic humans are more human than others. Meanwhile, these...(Read Full Article)