Rise of the Manifestoists: the End-Point of the Democratic Party

Peggy Noonan has a WSJ article entitled "A Nation That Believes Nothing."  Her points are well taken; Noonan argues that today's Democrats say any false thing that gets them elected, and (establishment) Republicans are slow to call the Democrats on their dishonest assault on the Constitution.  The result is that neither side enunciates a coherent political position, and certainly not a position based on Constitutional principles.  No one believes either of the mainstream political parties, and the approval rating for Congress is in the 10% range. This results in a long period of compromise between dedicated leftists and moderate Republicans, and consequently the polity has moved steadily leftward.  The national debt has gone from essentially zero to over $15 trillion in just thirty years, and we have absolutely nothing to show for it but indebtedness that will fall on future generations.  Democrats like to blame the effects of their own policies on...(Read Full Article)