Paul Ryan and the Return of Normal

Paul Ryan was simply poetic, campaigning over the weekend with his mother, Betty Douglas, among the same senior citizens whom Democrats claim Ryan and his Medicare reform would purge unmercifully via cliff-dropping.  It was visual proof that at least some in the largely reliable senior voting block are not falling for the Obama Mediscare deception.  Oh, and Paul Ryan really, really likes his mom.   But Ryan's charm and intelligence weren't what most struck me during his address.  What struck me was something far more fundamental -- something I haven't felt for so long that it struck me that I haven't felt this way in a very long time.  Normal.  And that normal was coming from a politician.  Can that be normal?  For all my discontent with the Republican establishment -- my reasoned aversion to government in general -- the Romney campaign had me at Ryan.  Ryan's energy, youth, messaging, and smarts are our best hope for articulating economic...(Read Full Article)