Obama Campaign Video Touts Dubious Green Energy 'Success' Story

The Obama-Biden campaign recently released the video "Our Jobs Come from the Wind," whose title comes from the words of Steve Smiley, CEO of Heron Wind Manufacturing of Traverse City, Michigan. The video holds up Heron Wind as a validation of Obama's approach to job creation. Unfortunately, Heron is hardly a rousing success story. The story told by Smiley is that "when the economic crisis hit" bank loans dried up, and President Obama stepped in with "investments in renewable energy" that created new jobs, reduced our dependence on foreign oil, and "improved society."  According to Smiley, "the policies that President Obama has put forward has [sic] been a great benefit to a small business like mine. Heron Wind recently received a loan that was supported by President Obama." This loan for just under a million dollars came from the Michigan Strategic Fund, with funding coming from Obama's Recovery Act.  According to Mr. Smiley, the money enabled him to hire 8 to 10 employees...(Read Full Article)