No Thanks, We'll Do It Our Way

The Founding Fathers are usually credited with designing the nation as a republic when they drafted the Constitution.  Some insist that the nation be described as a democratic republic. But it might be even more accurate to say that they created a federal democratic republic.  By creating a federal system, the founders also created a mechanism that has prevented a second American Revolution for nearly 240 years.  Each of the "several states" is independent; they can create their own laws, set their own taxes, and generally ignore the laws of the other 49 states, so long as those laws recognize the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution.  There are exceptions to this, of course, where the states have cooperated in drafting uniform laws to facilitate interstate commerce, such as the Uniform Commercial Code.  Generally however, each state goes its own way.  While all states have laws against murder, for example, each state defines what behavior constitutes...(Read Full Article)