Mitt's Night

The four-hour show last night at the Tampa Bay Times Forum was supposed to introduce Mitt to America.  It probably succeeded.  Stepping into the Sheraton lobby to catch some AC on the long walk back to the parking lot, I heard Brett Baier confess to Megyn Kelly that he saw a Romney he didn't know, though he'd covered the guy for years. The evening did not get off with a bang.  After a superficial movie about Reagan and a rather contrived duet by Newt and Callista, came a tribute to diversity.  Hispanic Republicans were celebrated in a video.  Across the floor, the signs went up: "Hispanics 4 Mitt."  Then it was the turn of women.  The nominee's broad-mindedness, no pun, was celebrated in speeches by his former Lieutenant Governor and by a Cabinet member, not only a woman, but an African-American and self-described liberal Democrat.  She was clearly smitten with Mitt, and spoke enthusiastically about his honesty and sincerity-and his filling half...(Read Full Article)