Mitt's Lesson on Discretion

(See also: "Demonizing Romney") Mitt Romney has impressed on two intimately related issues recently: his willingness to compare Jews and Palestinians in order to admit the role of culture in determining economic and success, and his reiterated determination (may it last) to withhold his tax returns from public scrutiny. The former is, of course, a conclusion everybody admits to in private but which politicians avoid addressing in public, while the latter, inadvertently or not, raises the banner of privacy. And this is not a private age.  For some twisted reason, public figures are expected to answer every inane question put to them, allow every e-mail to be parsed for hidden meanings, explain college clubs, talk about their medical issues or marriage, justify their father renting a piece of land where a bad word might have once been written on a rock, apologize for a high school prank.  Bill Clinton, if you remember, even felt compelled to discuss what type of underwear he...(Read Full Article)