Misreading the Quran

Few topics are more important to the future of the free world than its relationship with Islam.  Muslims are on the march, here and in Europe, and many make it clear that they have no intention of leaving the West as they found it. Frighteningly, the university dialogue about this crucial relationship, which often spills over into national policy, is usually controlled by academics who willfully ignore Islam's less savory aspects.  Whether they deliberately aid the cause of "jihad" or are so enamored of their own studies of the Islamic world that they are blind to its dark side doesn't matter; either is perilous to our society's long-term security. Carl Ernst is one such academic.  There is little question that he is an important voice in Middle East studies.  He is the William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, the former chair of the religious studies department, the co-director of Carolina Center for the...(Read Full Article)