Laying the Groundwork of Obama's Second Term

Barack Obama has great plans for his second term: to bring his golf handicap down to single digits and finally beat the pants off John Boehner.  Considering that Obama's handicap right now is generously estimated at 17 -- i.e., on a good day he scores in the upper 80s to the lower 90s -- it is a very ambitious goal, but it's doable.  Electoral victory would obviate the need for Obama to waste a lot of time shaking down star-struck Hollywood stars and credulous (or frightened) Wall Street tycoons, allowing the president to devote more attention to the all-important tasks of improving his golf game, watching basketball, and partying. But won't golf, basketball, and entertainment, while obviously consuming the lion's share of the president's schedule, leave him enough time for less enjoyable pursuits?  Like building on his first-term successes in destroying the economy, undermining the American dream, and knocking America down a peg or two in the international arena. ...(Read Full Article)