It's up to Cuban-Americans to save Hispanics from las mentiras, or the lies of the Dem left.

Ted Cruz's victory in Texas, as well as the success of Marco Rubio, put Cuban-Americans on the front page of American politics.  These wins also give us an opportunity to craft a message to Hispanics -- a message that emphasizes individual freedom, self-reliance, a skepticism of the state, and the value of family in our culture. We hear it over and over again that Cuban-Americans are different.  We are often called the "other" Hispanics.  The media calls us "reactionaries" or "right-wingers" or makes fun of our disdain for communism.    In fact, Cuban-Americans are the Hispanic group that best understands freedom and liberty.  We lost both under the banner of "change" and another charlatan preaching "social justice" years ago. As my mother said: "We saw this movie before, and it did not end well." In the late 1950s, Cuba was a prosperous island struggling with political problems.  Most Cubans wanted change in 1959, and they were...(Read Full Article)