Is the Roll Out of the Ryan Pick Already Spinning Out of Control?

The Democrat' campaign strategy to retake the White House this fall was simple and so well known it was printed in the Washington Post. Take GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's reform plans for Social Security and Medicare, somehow tie them to the GOP in general and Mitt Romney in particular, and then scare the bejesus out of seniors and voters in general. The goal? Bog Romney down in a debate over entitlement reform (the old making seniors choose between their meds and food trick) as a way to distract everyone from talking about the economy, the one issue that is lethal to President Obama. If they could keep the conversation on Ryan's plan until election day, rather than on the economy, they could win. Months before Romney picked Ryan, Democrats polled and focused grouped this strategy. The results were so disastrous for Romney, and so widely known, that they were published and republished in major publications long before Romney picked Ryan. Given this, that Romney would actually pick Ryan was...(Read Full Article)