How about Some Bleeding-Heart Conservatism?

The Democrats' plan to demonize the Romney-Ryan ticket is obvious to everyone.  "Mitt Romney killed my wife."  "Paul Ryan shoves Granny off the cliff."  "We big-hearted Democrats could shower endless benefits on everyone if only those hard-hearted Republicans would let us make 'the rich' pay 'their fair share.'" One can only pray that Romney and Ryan will be skillful enough to debunk, and American voters astute enough to see through, the Democrats' poisonous message.  But while praying for a good defense, can't we also field a good offense? There is a class of distressed people in America who are crying out for what might be called "bleeding-heart conservatism."  By that I don't mean more of George W. Bush's "compassionate conservatism."  We don't need conservatism with an open wallet, seeking to woo voters with new entitlements they presumably can't provide for themselves. Bleeding-heart conservatism instead concerns itself with an indisputable...(Read Full Article)