Fiasco: Islamists purge Egyptian Army

Don't expect our navel-gazing media to take much notice, but our national security has just hit an Arctic iceberg, scraping long rows of steel rivets from our luxury ocean liner, and leaving a long, gaping gash in our bottom.  Thousands of tons of icy seawater are pouring into the ship while you are reading these words, but Washington is too transfixed by the election to take notice.  Until Election Day 2012, Obama's dance band will just keep playing happy tunes on our crazily tilting deck. Still, the rest of us had better turn our attention to Egypt, where radical Islamists have just conducted a massive Blitzkrieg against the Egyptian Army, police, intelligence apparatus, and now the media. Those Muslim fascists were put into power a few weeks ago, with the direct aid and support of the Obama administration and Hillary's State Department.  Obama told us that the new dictator of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was a fine human being, and besides that, the Egyptian Army would...(Read Full Article)