Evil Right-Wingers Turn to Family, Not Government

Campaigning at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio last week, President Obama raised quite eloquently -- okay, succinctly -- the question of where one should turn for help in pursuing one's happiness.  The answer: government, "applause"; family, "booo." Making a pitch for greater government control of student loans, Obama cited himself as an example of the value of education, saying, "I got an education and it worked out pretty good.  (Laughter and applause.)" The White House website, which dutifully records alleged audience reaction in its transcripts, does not specify whether the "laughter" here was at the expense of the Harvard lawyer's primary school drop-out grammar, so we must assume it was not. At any rate, Obama then went on to contrast his approach to funding post-secondary education with his opponent's. I'm only standing before you because of the chance that my education gave me.  So I can tell you, with some experience, that making higher education more...(Read Full Article)