Celebrating Ignorance

I believe the psychological term for it is "projection."  TIME magazine's painfully liberal writer Joe Klein came on MSNBC's painfully liberal commentator Chris Matthews' Hardball show to do what is routinely done there -- share painfully liberal ideas with whoever is watching.  And, not surprisingly, Matthews and Klein decided to pile on the Todd Akin business out of Missouri.  Amidst all the typical drivel about how Republicans are bad for women came this little jewel from Klein: "The Republican Party has a major grassroots problem, which is that a good part of its grassroots now celebrate ignorance.  It's more, it's more than abortion and women's rights."  Pushed by Matthews to explain what he meant by "celebrate ignorance," Klein rambled on.  "It's, you know, denying evolution, denying the science behind climate change, the birtherism.  How is it that when Donald Trump comes out of the closet as a major league birther, he shoots to the top of the...(Read Full Article)