Being Successful is Romney's Greatest Appeal

Ann Romney gave a moving speech at the convention Tuesday night, reaching out to connect to voters on a person to person basis, with warmth, humor and good nature.  She was expressing one of the bedrock American values.  We are all human beings, rich and poor, all created equal.  Ann Romney reminded us of that, making us better people.  The message was lost on liberal commentators.  "She's a very rich lady," Juan Williams sniffed on the Fox election coverage panel, dismissing her speech out of hand.  Democrats think it's wrong to generalize and dislike poor people or gay people or blacks, but generalizing and disliking wealthy, successful people is just fine with them.   Obama's main hope of re-election is to exploit people's resentment and distrust of rich people, as out of touch, greedy and unfair.  In the words of a liberal friend I spoke to before the convention: "I don't like the 1%.  The pie is a fixed size, and they're taking...(Read Full Article)