Americans are Anti-Intellectual Because...

Just before the selection of can-do politician Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to be Mitt Romney's running mate, I finally stumbled over the answer to a question that had been troubling me for years.  A liberal friend had asked me, as her conservative go-to guy, why America is anti-intellectual.  The answer, I finally realized, was obvious. But nothing is obvious until you collide with the truth.  For me, the collision occurred when I read Victor Davis Hanson on Gore Vidal.  Hansen had met Vidal as a kid, because his dad had run a lecture series at Reedley Junior College in California in the sixties.  Reedley was out in the sticks, so the Hansons had the speakers stay over at their farm rather than put them up in a flea-bitten motel in town. So it followed that, from about age 9 to 15 (e.g., 1962-1968), I listened to every word, at dinner and the next morning's breakfast, from the likes of Ansel Adams... Pearl Buck... Louis Leakey... Bernard Lovell... Rod Serling......(Read Full Article)