Am I a 'Homophobe'?

Can a person with close friends who are homosexuals be called a "homophobe" if she thinks homosexual behavior is wrong? I'd like to tell you about three of my longtime friends -- David, Marcia, and Sean -- as well as my "double"-cousin, Michael, and one of my college professors, Prof. Hathaway. David entered my life in 1974, shortly after he befriended my older brother, Jon.  I was 10; David was 13.  Even if David hadn't become my foster brother, he still would have been a "brother" to me.  I'll never forget the mornings we walked to the bus stop together, amidst the sub-zero chill of Michigan's December or the sun-bathed breezes of May.  Neither will I forget our unabashed moments of silliness, nor the seriousness with which we debated the issues of the day.  Though we've lived nearly 3,000 miles apart for many, many years, due to my having moved to California in 1982, we are as close as ever in our hearts. Marcia entered my life, and became my dear friend,...(Read Full Article)