A Campaign of Contempt and Personal Attacks

President Obama is running a campaign advertisement that pointedly asserts that the voters face two distinctly different choices about the future of the country.  The president declares that there are significant worldview distinctions between the two candidates -- that he and Gov. Romney have two decidedly different approaches to governance, and that they embrace dramatically different beliefs about America and what it will take to move forward toward a prosperous and successful future.  One would think, then, that as stark as the contrasts are between the two candidates, the election would focus on those differences.  The Romney campaign certainly has; Mr. Romney chose a vice presidential running mate who is known for his specificity about how the nation should move forward to address the fiscal challenges of debt, deficit, and entitlements.  Mr. Obama, on the other hand, seems to be distancing himself as much as possible from his record as president and what...(Read Full Article)