Wouldn't Touch It with a Ten-Foot Poll

We hear a great deal about the polls measuring the relative electoral strengths today of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  For weeks the candidates have been running neck-and-neck, as in the fascinating Rasmussen "Daily Tracking Poll."  Electoral swing states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado gain extra attention, with swings of three points raising eyebrows.  Of course, at the same time, pundits note no real movement in most polls despite weeks of Obama's negative campaigning against Romney's private-enterprise experience, his repeated demands that Romney release a decade of tax records beyond anything that any law in this country requires, and a series of Obama autocratic enactments aimed at pandering to discrete voting blocs: holding down interest on student loans, ordering non-enforcement of immigration laws, stating that he will visit Israel at the start of second presidential term, promoting jealousy and social division between and among...(Read Full Article)