Will Romney Find His Voice on Health Care?

Governor Mitt Romney's oratory style is not charismatic.  He does not connect to average people.  This week, the Romney campaign missed an opportunity to attack President Obama after the Supreme Court ruling concerning the individual mandate.  He finally called the mandate a tax.  This misstep is a concern about his campaign. Romney's campaign should reassess the effectiveness of subordinates and surrogates.  How can Governor Romney, who signed the 2006 Massachusetts Health Care Reform law, explain the differences between his 70-page law and the 2,700-page bill from Washington?  The governor and his advisors must distinguish the two laws from each other in a simple and consistent way.  Romney has to reach people without the media's help.  The electorate grows weary of the health care reform fight, and the press turns to other issues.  Still, one third of the people do not understand how the Court ruled.  Romney must communicate without...(Read Full Article)