What Shall It Be? Us versus Them? Or Them versus Us?

Once again, as we do at least every other year, we see Democrats (aka "Progressives" or "liberals") using the electoral attack strategy of "Us versus Them."  According to the political left, US is defined by their mythology as the little guy, the ordinary person, the powerless citizen.  US is also frequently used to identify with minority groups based on race, gender, geographical location, language spoken, legal status, religious affiliation, and so on. THEM is invariably defined as Big Bankers, Big Businessmen, Wall Street, and the Rich.  Since the majority of voters tend to identify themselves as one of the little guys, the result is an electoral win for Democrats.  This is especially true when the Democrats are getting major contributions from Big Bankers, Big Businessmen, Wall Street, and the Rich. These shameless Democrats simultaneously claim that Republicans are supported only by the very same people who are the oppressors of the little guy.  They...(Read Full Article)