What Chomsky Got Right

It is well-trodden ground to expound upon the liberal dogmatism of academia and the media.  What is less commonly known, though, is that none other than Noam Chomsky identified this dogmatism before most conservatives began to describe it. It was not so much that Chomsky felt dismissed when he expressed his dissident opinions on the Vietnam War and other subjects; he felt like the establishment literally could not hear what he was saying.  Could not the political right relate to the experience of being blackballed from the establishment? Of the varied academic disciplines, Chomsky noted: "I think, that the more a discipline has intellectual substance, the less it has to protect itself from scrutiny" (38).  The well-documented higher-ed blog incident comes to mind here.  In case you missed it, Naomi Riley ridiculed the lack of academic rigor in African-American studies students' dissertations.  Outrage ensued, and Riley was fired from the blog.  This...(Read Full Article)