Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

The Vietnamese regime's religion is communism, and the Party views all other organized religions as a direct threat to national security and its authoritarian control of the Vietnamese people.  Religious tolerance exists only in theory; Article 70 of Vietnam's Constitution of 1992 states that citizens "shall enjoy freedom of belief and of religion; they can follow any religion or follow none; all religions are equal before the law; and places of worship of all faiths and religions are protected by the law."  However, the fly in the ointment is this statement: "No one can violate freedom of belief and of religion; nor can anyone misuse beliefs and religions to contravene the law and State policies."  This opens the door for officials of the communist government to arbitrarily define what constitutes a violation and which violations misuse and contravene law and policies. WikiLeaks released encrypted State Department diplomatic cables revealing that former U.S. Officials...(Read Full Article)