The United States, Russia, and The Syrian Crisis

The most important international factor that influences the Syrian crisis is the politics of the United States and Russia.  In the eyes of the majority of the American observers, the primary factor for the continuing bloodshed in Syria is the diplomatic and military support rendered to Assad's regime by Russia. Let's take a closer look at the main arguments of the powerful group of observers and experts who tend to blame exclusively Moscow for the endless bloodbath in Syria.  Some of those arguments are absolutely correct.  It is true that one of the main reasons for the Russian attitude is the traditional close relationship between Moscow and Damascus that has lasted for decades.  It is also true that the loss of this connection will deprive Russia of its only remaining ally in the area.  In case of a regime change, Russia is about to lose Tartus, which is the only base of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean.  Undoubtedly, given that in the eyes of...(Read Full Article)