The Obama Way: Selling Failure as Success

Bob Dylan once wrote, "There's no success like failure [we learn from our mistakes], and failure is no success at all."  So what has Mr. Obama learned from his mistakes?  Admitting to no mistakes during the past three years, "success" is exactly the way the Obama administration explains away the more than 5 trillion taxpayer dollars that have so far been spent.  While "success" is most often measured by its return, benefit, or gain, with no way to prove otherwise, this administration chooses to measure its success by "how much worse the recession might have been" if they had not spent the $5 trillion.  In fact, as we get closer to the election, these same experts are now telling us that the $5 trillion they spent actually saved the world from another Great Depression.  They base this conclusion, of course, on...well, their failure.  How noble.  Having gained nothing from our $5 trillion somehow proves that they were right to spend it and save us all...(Read Full Article)