The Intellectual and Moral Poverty of Egalitarianism

It is interesting to discover that the very same issues over which we find ourselves disagreeing today have been issues for generations.  Egalitarianism is one such issue. Barack Obama may have struck many people as a novelty when he garnered national attention a few years ago, but his ideological vision -- what we call "egalitarianism" -- is nothing new.  In fact, conservative theorists from at least the time of the eighteenth century have labored mightily to expose this vision's intellectual and moral poverty. Although many of us needn't be told about the folly of egalitarianism -- i.e., the quest for "social justice" or "economic fairness" -- the ubiquity of egalitarian thought renders it worth our while to revisit the counsel of conservatives from yesteryear. One good place to begin is the work of the nineteenth-century American sociologist William Graham Sumner.  Sumner pulled no punches in taking the egalitarian to the woodshed.  He bluntly described "the...(Read Full Article)