The Deception of Perfection

The American republic since its inception has been a shining exemplar of success.  The nation ascended from fledgling British colony to the sole superpower in the world.  It built an economy that generated unparalleled wealth, liberated millions from oppression by wielding the might of its magnificent military, and attracted a diverse and vibrant society proud to live in the bastion of liberty. Yet a perpetually dissatisfied and influential minority is endangering the continuing prosperity and stability that catapulted the United States to first amongst free nations.  The cause of these citizens' animus and their incessant drive to break down America's institutions, only to be remolded according to the designs of central planners, is a fetish for perfection in a world that will always remain imperfect due to human fragility and the role of chance. What made the nation thrive from its onset was a political architecture that explicitly acknowledged that human beings are...(Read Full Article)