Supreme Court Decisions Not Sacred

The Supreme Court's decisions at the end of June 2012, regarding health care and stolen valor, illustrate what happens when Secular Authority and Sacred Authority are not kept separate, equal, and mutually supporting each other -- as our Founders intended.  We need to realize that those who wrote the Declaration of Independence would be confused, and shocked, by these decisions, since the decisions so contradict the Founders' thinking. The Founders wrote the Constitution to state their views on Secular Authority (rules, regulations, and laws of government plus the processes and procedures to enforce them).  For them, the content of the Constitution, and what was constitutional, was to be determined by the sovereign -- i.e. the citizens, through their representatives.  The Supreme Court was responsible for judicial power -- i.e., to determine legality of specific actions.  It was to be the weakest of the three branches.  Yet through the unchallenged claim of...(Read Full Article)