Recognizing Tragedy as Olympic History

Like most Americans, I was looking forward to the pageantry of the opening ceremonies of the 40th Summer Olympiad that commenced on Friday, July 27 in London.  I eagerly anticipated the parade of nations, each with its flag carried proudly by one of its heroes.  And I expected to be impressed and delighted by the various national garbs worn by each nation's athletes and team members. However, amid all the pomp and circumstance -- the cheering, the display of sportsmanship as the athletes take the Olympic pledge -- it was and will continue to be all too easy to forget that this is the 40th anniversary of the darkest moment in Olympic history.  For it was on September 5, 1972 that the Games of the 20th Olympiad in Munich, West Germany shockingly turned to a waking nightmare. Shortly after 4 a.m., eight Palestinian terrorists from Black September, a faction of the PLO, invaded the Olympic village, kidnapping eleven Israeli athletes and trainers.  Upon the initial...(Read Full Article)