Pandering to the Black Voter

According to DeWayne Wickham, who writes for USA Today, on June 23, 2012, Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama, met with a small group of black columnists at the National Association of Black Journalists and "decried Republican obstructionism that has kept Obama from getting more done." Realizing that Obama needs a "significant increase in black voter turnout in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania," Jarrett highlighted Obama's increased funding for education and the universal health care that will supposedly help poor black Americans. Moreover, Jarrett boasted that the Obama administration sharply reduced the sentencing disparity for possession of crack cocaine instead of powder.  This refers to the "Fair Sentencing Act, signed into law by Obama in August 2012 which eliminated the five year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of crack and reduced the disparity between the amount of crack cocaine and powder...(Read Full Article)