Only Teachers, Firemen, and Cops?

Every time any state or municipality moves to reduce the costs of operation by speaking out about headcount reductions, or layoffs, the public employee unions, the Democratic Party apparatchiks, and the main stream media (or is that being redundant?) begin wailing that those heartless Republicans and conservatives, naturally led by the evil Tea Parties, want to leave our kids ignorant, our streets dangerous, and our homes at risk of burning down with us inside them. First, one must ask, "By 'leaving our kids ignorant,' do you mean leaving them exactly as they are now?"  What about their fear of those "dangerous streets"?  What do liberals think our streets are now? But I digress.  I will stipulate that almost every public employee, employed in a blue-collar-type job, does something that has some value.  Is that value enough to justify pensions that beggar the imagination of their private-sector counterparts, or their above average fringes and salaries? ...(Read Full Article)