Obama vs. Romney: The Kitty Genovese Test

So a Mormon and a leftist are walking on a street in New York, and they hear screams.  It's Kitty Genovese being stabbed to death, and it becomes a huge preachy New York Times guilt-tripping campaign, because Kitty's neighbors heard her screams and did nothing.  The liberal media smelled a preaching opportunity too good to pass up.  Today Kitty Genovese is still a lib-media symbol for America. Well, what would Mitt do?  Or Barry? We don't know, but we know what their lifelong beliefs say they should do. The left says: The murder of Kitty Genovese is the fault of society.  Create a revolution, put the most "progressive" intellectuals in total control, change society -- how is never explained -- and the crime rate will magically wither away.  Just like Chicago, or the Soviet Union, or China, where murder became a government monopoly.  Or North Korea today.  It's not a good record.  And yet, the left keeps falling back into the same utopian...(Read Full Article)