Now 'It Takes One'?

Nicknamed "the closer" by her husband, first lady Michelle Obama has decided to exploit her high favorability ratings in hopes of benefiting Barack Obama's bid for re-election.  From the look of things, Obama needs a swift kick in the seat of his high-waisted Mom jeans.  So, heeding the call, Mrs. O. is casting aside her gardening hoe, slipping on her designer sneakers, and "launching a nationwide effort to motivate every supporter of President Obama to get more involved in his re-election campaign -- and bring along somebody else, too."  In addition to making plans to blaze her way down the campaign trail, recently at Oregon State University's college commencement, keynote speaker Michelle exercised her civic duty by informing the graduates that "the traditional markers of success with a fat paycheck, the fancy office, [and] the impressive lines on our resumes" are not all they're cracked up to be.  Yet this same woman has zero difficulty initiating an all-out...(Read Full Article)