Milton Friedman, Father of School Choice

Louisiana's 10,000 kids clamoring for vouchers may never know it, but they owe their school choice opportunity to a dead white guy whose birthday is this week.  So do the approximately 700,000 mostly poor and minority kids now eligible to attend schools their families choose with public funds. Nobel laureate and economist Milton Friedman graduated from a New Jersey public high school in 1928 and considered it his life's most important work to conceptualize and promote school choice.  Friedman introduced the idea of school vouchers in 1955. The 100th anniversary of Friedman's birth is today, July 31.  The intellectual giant battled against the fallacies of Keynesian economics and in favor of market freedom, and his influence on today's economists and policymakers remains immense.  One of his great gifts was an ability to explain complicated economic and social principles clearly and entertainingly to average folks. At Friedman's death, approximately 106,000 children...(Read Full Article)