Meet Your New M.D.

Forget the devious gamesmanship used to ram ACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010) down our throats. Wipe its unpopularity from your mind. Pay no attention to the egregious Supreme Court decision on ACA and its political ramifications. Temporarily ignore the unconscionable spending, and especially who gets the money and who does not. Focus all your attention on two questions. (1) What health care will I get? (2) Who will give it? In response to a 2008 article titled "WHO is practicing medicine," "John" posted the following.  His remarks demand a public response. My father practiced medicine for 50 years. After he passed away I was going through his papers and found a copy of a letter he sent to Blue Cross. It stated he was going to do what was best for the patient and Blue Cross could send him what they thought it was worth. He was not going to compromise the patients' care. The questions today are: 1) Is there case law allowing insurance...(Read Full Article)