Linda Lingle: The GOP's Senate Pick-Up in Hawaii?

With all the recent talk of the gains or losses the Republican party stands to make in the United States Senate, there are two issues that have so far gone beneath the radar.  One, the GOP may lose a seat in Maine, as Maine's moderate Republican senator, Olympia Snowe, is retiring and may be replaced with an independent.  And two, the Republicans may pick up a seat in, of all places, Hawaii, with the possible election of another moderate Republican, former Hawaii Republican governor Linda Lingle.  This is kind of like trading a moderate Republican senator from Maine for one from Hawaii. Hawaii hasn't had a Republican senator since the 1970s.  In fact, Hawaii is so liberal that in 2002 it re-elected a deceased representative to Congress, Patsy Mink, rather than vote for the Republican opponent.  If you think a pulse is optional to participate in the political process only in Chicago, you are wrong. So how does a Republican candidate for statewide office get...(Read Full Article)