Libs Say the Darndest Things

In my never-ending effort to understand the liberal mind, I'm beginning to scribble down nutty sayings from the liberals I happen to run into.  I call it Libs say the darnedest things. This idea started for me a couple of weeks ago, when a lefty cat-lady (a big demographic) told me with a hypnotic stare, "There are no facts." Wow.  Floored in one.  I was left gaga.  Couldn't figure out what to say that would get through her concrete space helmet. So I staggered off and had a drink. This one has gone viral in the lefto-psychosphere.  You get 2,560,000 google hits for "There are no facts." Such little mindworms tell us about our age of ignorance and superstition. Obama has contributed his own pearls to the genre, like "The private economy is doing fine" when unemployment is at 8.2%, about 7% of American workers are underemployed, and another big chunk are on permanent disability, making for about 20% of the work force not working. Wow. The Bamster is an...(Read Full Article)