Liberty-Lovers and Romney

Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee.  And libertarians have a decision to make.  If they want to make an informed decision, there are several considerations that they need to bear in mind. First, Romney is neither a conservative nor a libertarian.  He is perhaps a neo-conservative or soft liberal.  That is to say, he is but another proponent of Big Government.  Given his record, it is hard to come to any other conclusion -- despite the game that he is talking at present. Second, Romney's rival is our beloved president, Barack Obama -- who is also neither a conservative nor a libertarian.  But neither is he a neo-conservative or a soft liberal.  Obama is a radical leftist whose chief objective is to "fundamentally transform" our country into the bastion of "social justice" for which he and his ideological ilk have always ached. Third, come Election Day, the lover of liberty will have but one of two choices to make: he can cast his vote...(Read Full Article)