Judge Saves Abortion in Mississippi - for Now

Last week, a GOP-appointed federal judge in Mississippi issued a temporary restraining order on July 1 to protect the last surviving (admitted) abortion facility in the state from being shut down for noncompliance with an amendment to Mississippi's existing abortion law.  Judge Daniel P. Jordan III issued the restraining order to delay implementation of the new law until July 11, when he would hold a hearing to determine whether he would block the law for a longer period.  Last week, he wrote in his order halting enforcement of the law: Though the debate over abortion continues, there exists legal precedent the court must follow[.] ... [The Jackson Women's Health Organization is] the only regular provider of abortions in Mississippi, and as of the Act's effective date, JWHO cannot comply with its requirements. The "legal precedent" to which Judge Jordan referred?   He continued: Plaintiffs have offered evidence -- including quotes from significant legislative...(Read Full Article)