Jews and American Conservatism

Last year, when voters in the Queens-Brooklyn Ninth Congressional District of New York elected Bob Turner, a solid Republican conservative, to the seat abandoned by disgraced Anthony Weiner, it marked a watershed moment in American Jewish history, as Orthodox Jews finally flexed some muscle alongside Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. That seat had not left the Democrats since 1923, and it seems that Jewish voters have been liberal Democrat as long, if not longer.  Alongside African-Americans, Jewish Americans traditionally have been the Democrats' most reliable voting bloc.  In that way, rather than advancing legitimate interests, Jews effectively throw away their voting influence, year after year, as do African-Americans.  Democrats know that African-American votes mostly are in the bag, as are Jewish votes, so Democrats need not vie seriously for support.  Contrary to increasing their influence by such group voting, they dilute by signaling to one...(Read Full Article)