Hard Days Ahead for ObamaCare

Don't bet on ObamaCare.  It's not going to turn into a political winner like Social Security and Medicare.  So writes the excellent Jay Cost.  Because Social Security and Medicare do not discriminate between citizens, there has yet been no political coalition powerful enough to alter them. Everybody expects to benefit from them, so it has been impossible to implement even common-sense reforms. But ObamaCare is different. Obamacare has no such insulation from reformers because it discriminates between classes of citizens. Indeed, Democrats played all kinds of favorites[.] Some people do better from ObamaCare, and some do worse, writes Cost.  But the bigger problem is the middle class already has health insurance.  Most people will do worse under ObamaCare. That's the trouble with universal government programs.  You start out with a simple concept, like universal health insurance, and you end up screwing the majority to serve the favored few. ...(Read Full Article)