Fighting Voter Fraud

Many conservatives have viewed the very real problem of voter fraud in America as a guarantee that the left will be able to use this nefarious means to steal crucial elections.  There is little doubt that leftists would do this if they could, and in some cases they have succeeded (just ask former Senator Norm Coleman).  The current leftist opposition to voter photo ID laws passed by a number of states on the spurious grounds of racism makes clear that the left feels that it needs to steal votes in order to win elections.  Equally unsavory was the left's "Secretary of State Project" or SoPS, which was funded by George Soros to get "progressive" state officers to superintend the counting of votes.  The wish of the left to steal elections, however, has not translated into winning maby elections through voter fraud.  Wisconsin in 2000 was the home of some of the most egregious examples of vote-buying, and Gore narrowly carried the state.  Ten years later, the...(Read Full Article)