Does Morsi Really Intend to Uphold Egypt's Treaty with Israel?

Since the election of Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi, there has been considerable discussion about whether Egypt's government will honor the country's peace treaty with Israel.  In reality, the correct question is not whether Egypt will honor the treaty, but simply when and how Egypt will abrogate it. Morsi was the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate.  With his election, that Islamist party now controls both Egypt's presidency and its legislature.  Morsi reassures foreign audiences that though he is a die-hard Islamist, he will not be an Islamist president.  Morsi claims that although he remains a "passionate" member of the Muslim Brotherhood, his policies are not beholden to his passion.  Likewise, he promises to "uphold" previous treaties, including presumably the Camp David Accords with Israel, though he campaigned on the promise of "jihad and death" and a constitution based upon sharia and the Quran.    The key is what Morsi...(Read Full Article)