Conservative Tax Hikes

Obama lauds Marxism and higher tax rates on the rich.  Lesser leftist luminaries, like Congresswoman Rosa DeLaura of Connecticut, have suggested slapping a federal tax on high-sugar soda drinks.  Democrats railed against the presumed excessive compensation of corporate executives and threatened to tax away all income above a certain level.  The left has no problem imposing taxes, even highly regressive taxes, in order to implement what they believe is best for society. If the object of the federal tax system is not to maximize revenue while encouraging as much productive activity as possible, then conservatives throw away a valuable weapon when we allow the left to use the tax code to achieve its purposes while ignoring our own purposes.  In fact, if conservatives simply threatened to tax politically unpopular leftist behavior, that might well be enough to get the left to accept the premise that federal tax law should not be used to punish behavior. The Supreme...(Read Full Article)