Colorado Springs Burns: Three Questions

As the tragedy in Colorado Springs unfolds, it is reasonable to wonder why some of the best coverage seems to come from abroad, whether or not it is wise to have a presidential visit to such on-going disasters, and if the fires are the result of arson, incompetence, or both. Sean Hannity and Rush often question why they have to go to foreign, often U. K., sources to get the latest and best American political news.  A keywords search of with the words "Obama" and "Colorado fire" will show that the MSM is focused on the trivial rather than the trenchant. A sample: "Obama heads to Colorado to view fire damage."  From the original: As President Barack Obama surveys damage from raging wildfires and thanks first responders in Colorado, he also will be seeking to show voters in one of the nation's most tightly contested political swing states that he is a compassionate leader who can command in a crisis. And a look at the fawning pics of a hands-in-pocket,...(Read Full Article)