Can S.E. Cupp Lie with Fools and Not Get Up a Fool?

I suspect that many conservatives sent up a cheer when they heard that smart, feisty conservative commentator S.E. Cupp would be co-hosting MSNBC's new show, The Cycle.  Cupp flies in the face of the contrived, stodgy image of a conservative -- call her Breitbart in a very appealing dress -- far more capable of taking fight to foe than your average Republican.  And yet, Cupp seems far too concerned with being liked by her friends at MSNBC to deserve comparisons to the great Breitbart.  It's one thing to enter the lion's den (loony bin, as the case may be); it's quite another to believe that you can reason with the guy who already has one hand around the knife in your back.  The Cycle will, without doubt, make for some interesting sound bites, assuming you have the stomach.  In Cupp's own words, "I think it's incredibly important to go into quote-unquote unfriendly territory sometimes so that you can have meaningful conversations...if you just walk into a room...(Read Full Article)