Back to the U.S.-Israel Future

As Governor Romney leaves for overseas travel that includes Israel, he doesn't have to be ready to solve the problems of the region, or have a "peace plan" in his pocket.  A few basic principles -- previously observed by both Republican and Democratic presidents -- will serve him well. 1. Israel is a sovereign country.  The government of Israel should not be asked (or told) to substitute American policy positions for its own positions.  Whether on strategic or day-to-day issues -- including housing policy, blockades, and the disposition of checkpoints -- Israel is responsible for and to its citizens; the U.S. is not.  If the Israeli government is wrong about a security matter, Israelis will pay the price; if the U.S. is wrong, Israelis will likewise pay the price. 2. Israel is our friend and ally.  When the government of Israel makes a big decision, the U.S. doesn't have to agree with it -- and certainly can express itself (preferably privately) -- but under...(Read Full Article)